Build My Burger

One of Many KudoTaps' Success Stories

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1,500+ Reviews!

At Build My Burger in Orlando, FL, flavor is their forte. With a commitment to crafting mouthwatering burgers, they knew that customer reviews were the key to spreading the word. When they got their hands on the KudoTaps review stand, little did they know it would transform their business in just one week.

Within days of implementing the KudoTaps system, Build My Burger experienced a whopping 71 five-star reviews in ONE week. Customers loved the ease of leaving feedback by simply tapping or scanning, and the numbers spoke for themselves.

The real game-changer, however, was the Smart Review feature. In a twist of fate, the system intercepted a potential negative review. Instead of hitting Google, the customer was prompted to communicate directly with Build My Burger. A crisis averted, a bad review avoided.

Build My Burger now stands as a testament to the impact of KudoTaps on local businesses. The influx of positive reviews has not only boosted their online reputation but has also translated into increased foot traffic and customer loyalty.

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