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Not your ordinary review stand, we help increase your sales by growing your reviews towards 5 stars, all with a simple tap.

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How Our Stand Works



Once kudotaps stand is purchased, we'll guide you on setting up the stand to work for your business. We've simplified the process, you'll be up and running in minutes.



Customer taps their phone on the kudotaps stand and it'll prompt them to open up the page directly on their phone to seemlessly review your business.



Our Smart Review will popup to ensure your ratings grow in the right direction and improve your online presence. Click here to learn more about our Smart Review

Smart Review

Experience the power of kudotaps Smart Review with our NFC-enabled stand. Once tapped, we prompt the customer on our platform to select their star rating. If they rate your business with 4 or 5 stars, we seamlessly guide them to share their positive feedback directly on Google.

For ratings below 4 stars, we take a proactive step by offering the option to address their concerns privately. We'll email you the details of their complaint, providing an opportunity for resolution instead of a bad review left publicly on Google, which ultimately affects your business.

Smart Review empowers your business to optimize reviews and enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.

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Top of Google

Our kudotaps stand helps boost your reviews and your star rating. This means your business moves up the list on google, and more people will see it when they search.

Increase Sales

Being at the top of Google is like being at the front of a line. When people search for things on Google, they usually check out the businesses that show up first. If your business is at the front, more people will visit your website or store.

Smart Review

If a customer rates you below 4 stars, we take a proactive step by offering the option to address their concerns with you privately. So not only are you gaining new reviews, you're also eliminating unwanted low star ratings using kudotaps.

Based on a Recent Study
"86% of individuals hesitate to make a purchase from a business with negative online reviews." Our Smart Review is designed to proactively prevent this, ensuring you don't miss out on potential customers. Avoiding just one negative review can lead to a significant influx of new customers. As a business owner, you understand the customer's lifetime value. Imagine the potential impact on your growth.

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Gain More Reviews

Supercharge your review growth effortlessly. With our kudotaps user-friendly NFC-enabled stand, leaving reviews becomes a breeze. Customers can tap and share their experiences in seconds, eliminating any barriers.

The simplicity of our process encourages more customers to engage, resulting in a rapid increase in your review count. Embrace the power of easy, and witness your reviews soar to new heights, thanks to kudotaps.

Your Ratings

Elevate your business's star power with our smart review management solution. Our streamlined process helps you gain higher star ratings by strategically addressing potential negative reviews before they reach public platforms.

Through our unique optimization approach, we empower you to proactively manage feedback. Take control of your online reputation, and let us help you shine brighter than ever before, all using kudotaps.

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